Last year, LA post-hardcore band The Lungs released their debut LP Psychic Tombs on Dune Altar (order yours), and it covers a lot of ground, from riffy post-hardcore to circle-pit-inducing hardcore to some atmospheric/psychedelic stuff, and more. Not super easy to pin down, but if you're into anything from At the Drive In to Refused to Every Time I Die, this is probably worth a listen. We're now premiering the video for "Cross Cult," which was created & edited by drummer/vocalist Dylan Howard, who says:

Cross Cult. What more needs to be said about the lyrical content that isn't already bluntly put in the title. The hard part was joining an interesting visual to such a deep concept. In addition we didn't want to do another strictly performance based video. Having been fans of old school Ralph Bakshi films, we decided to take a stab at marrying the look of aggressively rotoscoped performance shots, selective emotive colors, and subtle lyrically based imagery. All in, from filming to painstakingly rotoscoping each individual frame (roughly 3600 of them), to the final edit, it took about a year to make. The end result is 100% a labor of love. Whether you like the band, like the song, like the lyrics, or are strictly a fan of animation, or into the abstract; there is something there for everyone. It's a deep video for an even deeper song.

Check out the new video below.

The band will also do a livestream on Knotfest's website on Thursday (2/25) at 8 PM ET. They filmed their set at the Gold Room, and you can watch a trailer for it below.


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