Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has been keeping busy during COVID-19 lockdown by doing quarantine performances with some of his talented friends -- via the internet of course. He's done some classic covers (like Rush) and he roped in his former Stormtroopers of Death bandmates Scott Ian (also of Anthrax) and Dan Lilker (also of Nuclear Assault) for some SOD songs, and now those same three bandmates have covered two Discharge classics with Lamb of God's Randy Blythe on vocals. Here's what Charlie says of this covers session:

The influence of @discharge.official on modern aggressive metal cannot be overstated- their speed & abrasive sound made them true sonic pioneers, helping lead to the creation of the thrash and speed metal genres. The four of us are huge fans, and wanted to pay homage to the ones who paved the way for what we do today.”

The Hear nothing see nothing say nothing Record was constantly played, my mix tapes would Have so many of their songs on it. The bass tone on those records was so Amazing, it was frightening @wainwright.roy a Big Influence on SOD. I remember @scottianthrax and I taking #jameshetfield to see #brokenbones at @cbgbofficial back in the day and being Blown away. I hope you enjoy this quarantine Jam I put together. I 💜 Discharge-thanks to @drandallblythe #danlilker and @pieromedone

It's one of the coolest covers in this series so far and you can watch it below.