The album channels a whirlwind of emotions, but ultimately it's a celebratory record, and the songs sound as hopeful and triumphant as the messages within them. They're also some of the best songs Lande has ever written. Her voice soars on this album, her melodies get stuck in your head, and the overall feel is warm and welcoming, making repeated listens feel both requisite and rewarding. It's not a punk record like Muncie Girls, but it has the rawness, honesty, and DIY values that come with spending a decade in the punk scene. You can tell that she really means every last word on this album, and that's what makes it so powerful.

Lande Hekt of UK indie-punks Muncie Girls recently released her debut solo album Going To Hell on Get Better Records (that's an excerpt of my review above), and she celebrated by performing songs from it on The Alternative's Twitch series Streaming Sundays yesterday (1/31). Lande played solo with just an acoustic guitar, and her songs sounded just as powerful in this stripped-down form. She also told some stories about the songs in between, and the whole thing just felt really personable, like you were right there in the room with her. Watch her full performance below or at The Alternative's Twitch channel, starting at the 1:14:32 mark.