On July 30, German post-black metal / heavy shoegaze act Lantlôs will release their highly anticipated first album in seven years, Wildhund, via Prophecy Productions (pre-order). There's also a special edition of the album that comes with a companion album, Glitchking, and we're premiering "IDONTKNOW" off of Glitchking in this post. Lantlôs leader Markus Siegenhort says:

Quote From Markus Siegenhort About “Glitchking” Bonus Album.

A lot of people asked me about that Bonus Disc that comes with the WILDHUND Special Edition. I really don’t consider it a Bonus but rather see the Special Edition as two parts making a whole. A whole view on what I tried to capture over the last years and my major inspiration. I put as much effort into GLITCHKING as into WILDHUND.

It can be seen as a counterpart to WILDHUND, another perspective on the same vision that it is all about: The Zone. The ultimate heavenly otherworld. A weird dreamlike realm oozing bubblegum fantasy that is overwhelming and suffocating your ego with sweetness and delight. Without start and end, everything is The Zone and The Zone is everything.

Whereas WILDHUND displays the acceleration, excitement, power and joy of The Zone, a vivid sensation of inspiration, a special smell in the air, a childlike fascination and unreal bliss. GLITCHKING shows that it is very easy to get lost within The Zone. It makes you forget about everything else, makes you feel grey in your daily life even more so. So, you get entangled and drawn into the Zone, into the godly bubble. Sweet, sweeter, unbearably sweet. The glorious and bright horror. Too detached to focus, to the point where it becomes just an overloaded, oversaturated and exhausting heaven of glittery tar.

GLITCHKING is an experimental, noisy, wobbly and down tuned sonic trip.

Stay ZONED. For ever etherealPRO.

That should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from "IDONTKNOW," which is a glitchy, zone-out electronic song; a far cry from the three rock-oriented songs released from Wildhund so far. Listen and watch the video below.

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