The Intelligence's Lars Finberg released his second solo album today, and it's another deep dive into his his hooky but caustic brand of on-edge surf-garage. You can read our review here and listen to it below.

Lars has also made a video for single "Satanic Exit," a song he described as "how you can feel a little maudlin on the street corner in the early morning when you are intimate too soon and are wistful for a prehistoric time when connection had more currency than conquest." That idea is baked into the video, directed by "immensely talented oddballs" Kitten N’ Lou that involves the current state of swipe right dating, with room for dance numbers, Donald Trump and dogs in its bad acid trip tableau.

"When they asked what I wanted I used all my being fibers to not micro manage them and be surprised by their genius," Lars tells us. "I did request choreography and the cockroach costume but otherwise asked them to make anything they wanted and wow they delivered. I’d say it’s like a romantic Pee Wee’s Playhouse dance number on, uh GLUE." That about sums it up; "Satanic Exit" really is a great, if totally twisted, video. It premieres in this post and you can watch that below.

You can order Lars Finberg's new self-titled album from Mt. St. Mtn.

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