Leila Abdul-Rauf (of Vastum, Ionophore, Cardinal Wyrm, Fyrhtu, and more) released her fourth solo album Phantasiai earlier this year on Cyclic Law/Cloister Recordings, and we're now premiering the video for its song "Distortions In Phantasy III: Suspension." It's an eerie, ethereal song, and the video -- filmed and directed by Grildfailure's David Brenner with additional filming by Leila's Vastum bandmate Daniel Butler -- fits the vibe perfectly.

"Deadness seeps through the veins of this void we built... signs of life fade as the third movement of ‘Distortions in Phantasy’ sinks further down into an ever-darkening atmosphere of ominous brass layers as death-knell vocals swirl — a psychic nadir before total self-obliteration takes hold in movement four," Leila says. The video premieres in this post. Watch it and stream the full album below.

Leila has one upcoming tour date: Northwest Terror Fest.

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