Funk jammers Lettuce just released their new album Unify last week via Round Hill Records (order yours), and one of the songs, "Keep That Funk Alive," features a guest appearance by one of the genre's architects: Bootsy Collins of Parliament-Funkadelic. That song has now been given a psychedelic, animated video, which premieres in this post. Check it out below. Here's what the band members say about the new album:

This is definitely our most thorough effort yet. I mean…BOOTSY is on the album!! To be blessed like that is special to us, our fans and Funk music's legacy. - Adam Deitch

Music is the great unifier and we produced this album with the intention of bringing people together in truth, respect and love. - Erick “Jesus” Coomes

This work is the culmination of a 30 year, incredible, unique, musical friendship and partnership. It captures the balance between spontaneity, tightly written groves and psychedelic adventure. We are honored to be joined by some of our musical superheroes, including the one and only.. William BOOTSY Collins. Together, we transcend space and time to inspire all to Keep That Funk Alive. - Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff

This album came together at a time when we were away from each other longer than we had been in years. We were able to do the writing and pre-production from our respective homes before we reunited in the studio for about a week to record . I remember we hadn't played together since we cut our Europe tour short in March; so the first song on the record captures our first time playing together in months. This record to me represents who we are with a balance of tight , thoughtful arrangements and pure explosive spontaneity, recorded and mixed by us. - Ryan Zoidis

And about "Keep That Funk Alive" in particular:

Linking up organically with one of the INVENTORS of funk music, eternally iconic bassist and vocalist Bootsy Collins still feels like a dream. Bootsy wants to KEEP the FUNK ALIVE and we wholeheartedly agree with that statement. This is one of our greatest accomplishments as a band! Major props to BOOTZILLA for believing in us! - Adam Deitch

This song will blast you out of your seat and immediately make you move and groove until sweat is dripping down from every part of your body and will make the hair on your arm stand tall like it was in the military. - Jesus

Music is something that outlasts the people who make it. Our hope is that future generations will continue to enjoy this song way past our time here. It has a timeless quality... like Stretching out in a Rubber band, Mothership Connection, or Sex Machine, BOOTSY has done it again. He has found a way to imprint his unique feel for the "1,” to create with Lettuce, a song that we believe will forever "Keep That Funk Alive" - Shmeeans

KTFA is a dream come true in its funkiest musical form. A collaboration we've imagined since we were teenage funksters, this song came together beautifully with Bootsy's far-out and groovy vocals and multiple Space-Bass layers. A timeless funk anthem. - Zoidis

Watch the video and stream the full LP:


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