Australia's Lisa Mitchell had been dabbling in folk and piano-pop for a few years, but for 2016's Eric Dubowsky-produced Warriors, she introduced a heavier electronic element to her sound, without losing her delicate touch. One of the songs on that album, "Warhol," now has a video. It was directed by Vanessa Gazy and it's part one of a story that will conclude with the forthcoming video for the title track. Here's what Lisa says about the song, video, and working with Vanessa Gazy:

The song is slightly devastating for me, as it’s about a betrayal… I kept having visions of all these past and futures ‘selves’ coming to my aid, embodying me, as I fled, to an altar hidden in the forest, where I knew I would be welcomed by the spirit of the shrine, ‘Warhol…’ For surely he would understand this madness..?

Back in the real world, I was stopped in my tracks when I saw a short-film of director Vanessa Gazy’s (Foal,) which takes place at the edge of the forest in Australia where she grew up. I had an inkling she was the one who would direct this..! I hunted her down and sure enough, she resonated so strongly with it and agreed to take the reins! All my gratitude goes to her, for taking a little seed from this wounded time and growing this two-part wilderness that became very much her own; something incredibly layered with meaning for us both.

The album is out digitally now and it's set to get a physical release in the US on April 14 via Play It Again Sam. The new video premieres here:

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