Maggot Heart, the current project of Linnéa Olsson (Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, Sonic Ritual, The Oath), have made a new video for "Roses" off their 2020 sophomore album Mercy Machine. "'Roses' is one of the key tracks off Mercy Machine." Linnéa tells us. "I sing 'all is truth under roses,' sub rosa being the culmination of a psycho-sexual journey. The video was inspired by what Jung said about meeting oneself is meeting one's shadow, and is a rock n roll depiction of an esoteric transformation from black to white to red."

If you haven't heard Mercy Machine, we previously said it's "metal-friendly but not really metal. It's dark and catchy and swaggering and kinda finds the middle ground between Blue Oyster Cult and early Siouxsie and the Banshees." That's very true of "Roses," and the video goes perfect with this kind of thing. Check it out below.

You can pick up vinyl and CD copies from Rapid Eye Records.


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