Legendary NYC experimental rock producer Martin Bisi (who's worked with Sonic Youth, Swans, and others) has made another video for a track off 2014's Ex Nihilo. This one's for "Sin-Love-Hate" and it was directed by White Hills bassist Ego Sensation. Here's how Martin tells us the video came to be:

I was going to work on the upcoming White Hills record, Stop Mute Defeat. And Ego Sensation, the bass player who's also a filmmaker, suggested we cross collaborate on something, as I'm always up for visual exploration. The song has the theme from Ex Nihilo that I hadn't fully elaborated on - that I'm part of a herd of animals, and me, my friends, and the city as a whole act it... As in the lyric "sin, love, hate" – primal stuff. So anthropomorphism would run through the video. Ego wanted me prowling around New York City at night, with the constant herd of cars, and morphing in and out being a wolf as I perform with a cat-monkey brass band - the Stumblebum Brass band who contributed the New Orleans-y brass to the song.

The video premieres right here: