Mass Gothic, the husband-and-wife duo of Noel Heroux (ex Hooray for Earth) and Jessica Zambri (ex Zambri), have a surreal new video for "How I Love You," one of the standouts from last year's I've Tortured You Enough which came out via Sub Pop. In it a glowing red orb travels through a variety of environments from micro to macro and beyond. "I wanted to create strange realistic feeling environments that also felt a bit digital," says director Evan Fellers. "I used a process called photogrammetry to grab a bunch of real-world elements and turn then into 3d models which make up most of everything you see." Meanwhile, Jessica says "The lights turned on for me. committing to something can be relieving, even pleasurable. I used to think I had to protect myself from anything that I perceived to get in the way of my music, but all that did was close me off. Whatever is happening I wanna enjoy it. I wrote this song as a reminder to live and not be lived."

It's a very cool video that suits the song's ethereal vibe perfectly. It premieres in this post -- watch below.

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