"Guess who's landed a role in the latest Star Wars movie?" After seven years away, Matt Berry is bringing beloved thespian Steven Toast to Hollywood for Toast of Tinseltown in 2022 and the BBC have released the first trailer. Yes, apparently Toast has been cast in an upcoming installment of the biggest sci-fi franchise ever, and has jetted off to Los Angeles. Things are going his way for once; "everything's worked out dandy," he tells his agent, Jane, via an outdated-by-30-years mobile phone, and we see a montage of Toast living it up in the California sun. "Some guys have all the luck," he says over the montage. Things will probably not actually be going that swimmingly, though, if the first three seasons of Toast are any indication. What about Clem Fandango, you ask? Watch the teaser below.

Toast of London premieres on BBC2 on January 4. No word yet when it will be out in North America. Sadly, Toast is a little hard to find here in general, as Toast of London left Netflix in September.

We talked to Matt Berry this year about Toast, What We Do in the Shadows, and his great new album, The Blue Elephant.


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