Matt Freeman has been a busy guy lately. Last week, his band Charger released the new song "Stay Down" and Matt and his Rancid bandmate Lars Frederiksen also sing backup vocals on the Night Demon song that came out last week. Also, Matt has been uploading isolation videos of himself playing bass along with classic songs by his bands Rancid and Operation Ivy, plus a song by Motorhead (who Charger are often compared to) that resonates strongly during these weird times, "Stay Clean." They're sort of like the "play-through" videos that musicians upload to YouTube, but it's not everyday you see a play-through video from one of the best bassists in all of punk. Watch below.

Meanwhile, Rancid are scheduled to tour with Dropkick Murphys this year, but like all tours, the fate of that one is up in the air.

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And here are those Charger and Night Demon songs:

And last but definitely not least, Rancid just unearthed this gem:

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