Botch recently signed to Sargent House for reissues (but shot down any rumors of reunion shows), and now some of Botch's peers, collaborators, and relatives have teamed up with Two Minutes to Late Night to cover their classic "To Our Friends in the Great White North." The lineup for the cover includes Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, original Dillinger Escape Plan vocalist Dimitri Minakakis, drummer Andrew Gormley of Rorschach and Kiss It Goodbye, and Botch vocalist Dave Verellen's brother Ben Verellen of Harkonen, Roy, and Helms Alee (and who did guest vocals at the final Botch show that was immortalized as the 061502 live album). Plus, the cover was mixed by Matt Bayles, who mixed the original Botch album that this song appeared on, We Are the Romans. it should come as no surprise that this lineup knows exactly how to pull this song off, as you can see for yourself below.

The cover is the first installment of Two Minutes to Late Night's Hardcore Summer series, their "summer-long tribute to all things mosh pit." Stay tuned for more.

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