Members of Converge, The Distillers, War On Women, and Fucked and Bound have teamed up to cover Samhain for the latest edition of Two Minutes to Late Night's quarantine cover series. Specifically, it's Converge's Nate Newton, The Distillers' Andy Granelli, War on Women's Brooks Harlan, Fucked and Bound's Brian McClelland, and your corpse-painted host Gwarsenio Hall. "We all want to dine in hell," they write. "It's a cover of a Samhain song, Danzig's underrated middle band after the Misfits! Nate is on a toilet--you love to see it!"

They spice up the song with metallic guitars, pounding industrial synths, brooding goth vocals, and harsh growls, all while keeping the charm of the original intact. Watch below. If you'd like to help support the artists involved, donate to Two Minutes to Late Night's Patreon.

Last week's edition of this series also had a Distillers member (Brody Dalle, alongside members of My Chemical Romance, Thursday, Murder My Death, and Soul Glo covering Annie Lennox), and previous highlights include Marissa Nadler + members of Converge, Cave In & more covering Journey, Mastodon, Municipal Waste, Mutoid Man, Dethklok members covering King Diamond, Marissa Nadler + members of Earth, Cave In, Big Business & Shearwater doing "Spooky," Mastodon, Kvelertak, Baroness, Darkest Hour members cover Ozzy Osbourne, members of Integrity, Dillinger Escape Plan, Incendiary cover Misfits, members of Mastodon, Russian Circles, Cave In & more cover Alice In Chains, members of Windhand, Cave In & more cover Type O Negative, Ted Leo & members of Converge, Rise Against & more cover The Replacements, Max Weinberg (E Street Band) + members of My Chemical Romance, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan & more covering Misfits, members of Coheed, Tool, Primus, Mastodon and Cave In covering Rush, Emma Ruth Rundle + members of Mastodon, YOB & Old Man Gloom covering Kate Bush, members of Sleigh Bells, Poison the Well, Cloak & more covering Guns N’ Roses, Chelsea Wolfe + members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cave In & more covering Ozzy Osbourne, and many more.


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