Two Minutes to Late Night continues to put together dream supergroups to do dream covers in quarantine, and this week they've got Windhand's Dorthia Cottrell, her Darling bandmate Leanne Martz, Fucked and Bound vocalist (and Daughters/He Whose Ox Is Gored keyboardist) Lisa Mungo, Cave In members Stephen Brodsky and J.R. Conners, and your host Gwarsenio Hall doing Type O Negative's "Be My Druidess" from 1996's October Rust.

"Crudy kisses! We got a bunch of sensitive Satanists to cover a song for the ladies. Hopefully, this is your Type o'cover, ya dig?" they write. They did the cover mostly drenched in Type O Negative-style green light (and Stephen Brodsky played a green bass), and they stayed pretty faithful to the original, but Dorthia Cottrell's unmistakable voice gives it an awesome new twist. Watch below.

As always, these covers help support the musicians who take part in them, and you can help out by donating to Two Minutes to Late Night's Patreon.


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