Two Minutes To Late Night's quarantine covers series continues with Mastodon's Brann Dailor, Russian Circles' Mike Sullivan, Cave In/Mutoid Man's Stephen Brodsky, Painted Wives' Justin Suitor, and your host Gwarsenio Hall taking on Alice In Chains' Dirt classic "Rain When I Die." They stay pretty faithful to the original (and nail AIC's unmistakable harmony style), but as you might expect from this crew, they make things a little thicker and sludgier too (and they toss in a little blackened, shreddy part too). They nailed it, as you can watch for yourself below.

It's been quite a year for metal Alice In Chains covers, with Magnetic Eye Records' upcoming Dirt tribute album (Thou and Khemmis included), and Code Orange covering "Down In A Hole" on their new MTV Unplugged-style album/film Under The Skin.

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