Metal-friendly cellist Jo Quail (who's collaborated with My Dying Bride and Myrkur, was supposed to play Roadburn this year, and has toured with Mono, Boris, Caspian, and others) last released the album Exsolve in 2018, and she's now in the process of giving vinyl reissues to her back catalog, having just recently done one for 2016's Five Incantations which was previously only available on digital and CD (order yours).

We're also now premiering a new live video for her song "Reya Pavan" from Exsolve that was filmed as part of her concert at Chauvet Professional. "It's a processional piece of sorts, almost a dance, which David Howard mirrored in his lighting for this performance," Jo says. "I was thinking alot about duality when I wrote this, within myself, within us all, and I wanted to somehow musically convey a regal yet feral nature. 'Reya Pavan' is built on very simple loops, that cross on different bar lengths altering the harmony as the piece progresses. I love playing this live, there isn't always space in a set which is why I chose to perform this at Chauvet Professional for our live project." Watch below.

Jo is also scheduled to tour Europe in 2021 with Amenra and Envy if concerts are back by then. All dates are listed on the tour poster below.


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