After dropping singles, Tachys -- aka Mew vocalist Jonas Bjerre and Blue Foundation's Tobias Wilner (who's appeared on multiple Mew albums) -- released their self-titled album in May. It scratches a similar itch as Mew, and finds Jonas Bjerre's voice sounding as unmistakable and instantly appealing as ever, and it's an album that any fans of that band should not sleep on. They've now got a new video for "Pierce," directed by Danish artists Sarah Liisborg and Fiona Aagard and starring the latter, which premieres in this post. Here's what the duo says about it:

"Pierce" is, in a way, a kind of ode to the perfectionist, or if not an ode at least a friendly nod, saying “I see how hard you work, and I appreciate you. And I know that your hardships often go unrewarded or even unnoticed.” The song could be a monologue from a concerned friend or partner, saying “don’t be so hard on yourself” or it could be someone trying to talk some sense into themselves. In any case, it addresses that kind of dark perfectionism which ultimately becomes a sort of demon inside.

Check out the new video and stream the full LP...

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