Mike Doughty is gearing up to release the third Ghost of Vroom album in September, and he's just made a video for first single, "Pay the Man." The song deals with economic woes and the wild complexity that is our NFT/crypto-infected world of finance in 2023, and the animated video by David Rees and Corey Dome underlines that with humor, having a lot of fun with pop-up ads that you might find yourself trying to close while watching.

“We were stoked to work with Mike again," say David and Cory, "and very grateful that he allowed us to celebrate our love of annoying, old-school pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are a disappearing art form.”

Adds Mike, "I am a longtime fan of David Rees. I saw his and Corey Dome’s animation My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable and thought I’ve got to make videos with them. I told David and Corey they could literally do whatever they want, except, like, hurt puppies. I don’t think they believed me—every artist says that, nobody actually means it. But every video they’ve done, they’ve just gone wild and I’ve been like, 'No notes. It’s amazing.' I mean, how great is it that they did a video based around the ancient, arcane art of pop-up ads?”

Watch the "Pay the Man" video, which premieres in this post. below.

Ghost of Vroom 3 is out September 1 via Mod Y VII (preorder).


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