Along with the rollout of her new album Plastic Hearts, the multi-faceted Miley Cyrus has welcomed a new era, studded with reminiscence to rock's greats. She's been performing a variety of classic alt, punk, and new wave covers as of late, including a Debbie Harry-approved Blondie cover and covers of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry," Hole's "Doll Parts" (which Courtney Love also lauded), and The Cranberries' "Zombie," among others. Additionally, she's said that she's working on a full-length record of Metallica covers.

Continuing this streak, Miley just took on the virtual NPR Tiny Desk stage, where she opened with an electrifying cover of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" before going into two Plastic Hearts tracks, "Golden G String" and "Prisoner." Miley began her set alone in a tiny, poster-covered bedroom where she sat atop the twin-sized bed, and she eventually revealed that the bedroom was actually a film studio set, and that she had a live band joining her from outside of the room. She did a few minor costume changes, and for the Mazzy Star cover, she donned a large pair of sunglasses and a fur coat as she launched into the romantic '90s classic, belting out the chorus in her warbled drawl.

You can watch her entire Tiny Desk set -- part of which gets grainy in a very nostalgic, '90s, VHS-era kind of way -- below.

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