Mineral frontman Chris Simpson is releasing the debut album by his new Mountain Time solo project, Music For Looking Animals, on June 26 via Spartan Records (which two songs are out from), and while in quarantine, he's also been doing a solo acoustic performance a week. He started with Music For Looking Animals lead single "Rosemary, Etc.," and then he did "Ain't Playing" from his 2014 Zookeper album Pink Chalk, and now he's finally done a Mineral classic.

Chris did "Slower" from Mineral's 1997 debut album The Power of Failing, and this stripped-down acoustic rendition is a major reinvention of the classic song. It's very cool - watch below.

Chris tweeted, "I’ve been getting some requests to include some Mineral and The Gloria Record tunes in the weekly acoustic videos that I've been doing, so here goes nothing. What song should I play next?" Gloria Record would be cool too! Leave Chris your requests here.

UPDATE: Chris did do a Gloria Record song: "Miserere" from 2000's A Lull In Traffic. Watch below.

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