As mentioned, NYC prog metallers Moon Tooth are releasing Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections on Friday (7/31) via Pure Noise (pre-order). The EP features acoustic reworks of four songs from 2019's Crux and a new acoustic song, "Six of Swords." We're premiering that one and its video in this post.

"The EP was a good chance for us to show our versatility. We love playing heavy rock n roll but as artists, our goal is always to explore without limits," vocalist John Carbone tells us. "'Six of Swords' speaks to the stage of grief when a person must choose to heal. Suffering is necessary and beneficial, but a time comes when one has to leave old wounds behind. It's something that can be just as difficult as the initial trauma itself."

Guitarist/vocalist Nick Lee adds, "I originally thought this acoustic EP was just going to be an fun, easy experiment but it ended up being a much more gratifying experience and consuming challenge to find the best way to translate these songs to an acoustic guitar. I think that it highlights the strengths of the songs from Crux in a new light and the new song 'Six of Swords' is a complete departure from anything we have released before. It is minimalist, patient, and musing whereas everything we have released thus far is immediate and intense. We are stoked to stretch out and show what else we can do with 'Six of Swords.'"

Moon Tooth pull off this kinda thing pretty well, and the string arrangements that flesh out "Six of Swords" are a nice touch too. This might be a random comparison, but Moon Tooth going acoustic reminds me a little of math rockers Maps & Atlases' turn towards rustic, earthy music on 2009's Perch Patchwork. If you remember that album as fondly as I do, you might wanna check out "Six of Swords."

And here's the previous single:

1. Trust (Acoustic)
2. Awe At All Angles (Acoustic)
3. Six of Swords (Acoustic)
4. Motionless In Sky (Acoustic)
5. Through Ash (Acoustic)

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