"we fucked up! My DJ skipped two songs by mistake! LMFAOO so when 212 came on I just went with it. #womp" - AZEALIA BANKS

"Omg that was tooooo much fun !!!!" - AZEALIA BANKS

Azaelea Banks
Azaelea Banks

"One thing Azealia Banks needed to prove when she walked onstage for her Saturday afternoon set at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival -- her first official gig in the U.S. -- was how deserving she is of the massive hype that's been thrown her way.

Since her introduction into the post-Nicki Minaj world of female rap through the deliciously profane firecracker of an anthem, "212," the Harlem spitfire has become a major darling on rap and indie blogs that have grown disenchanted with Minaj's syrupy pop hits. This without a barrage of tracks, as evidenced by a set that ended 20 minutes earlier than expected." [LA Times]

Check out videos of most of her quick set, below...

Azealia Banks - Fuck Up The Fun & Barbie Shit Live Coachella

Azealia Banks - Bambi Live Coachella

Azealia Banks 1991 Live Coachella

Azealia Banks - Valerie & Runnin Live Coachella

Azealia Banks 212 & Firestarter Live Coachella