Underground rap staple Mr. Lif returned earlier this year with Don't Look Down, his first solo album in seven years, and a couple weeks ago, he teamed with the great producer L’Orange for another full length, The Life & Death of Scenery. The collaborative LP has a few cool guest spots, like comedian Wyatt Cenac (who narrates) and the genre-defying Gonjasufi (who also has a great album out this year). Last year, L'Orange helped Kool Keith make a spacey, psychedelic album that hearkened back to his Dr. Octagon days, and that's the kind of vibe he brings to The Life & Death of Scenery too. It's a really cool record that any fan of outsider-rap should hear.

The song with Gonjasufi (and Akrobatik), "StrangeTechnology," now has a video which is part animated, part filmed, and depicts a surrealist, apocalyptic nightmare where cartoons take over the world. If that sounds to you like the kind of thing you'd see on Adult Swim... you're not wrong. It just aired during Adult Swim's Toonami segment, but now it's available to watch online and getting its web premiere right here. Check it out:

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