Two Minutes to Late Night, the heavy metal talk show that tapes at Brooklyn’s Saint Vitus Bar, been posting covers made during quarantine (Steely Dan, Ozzy Osbourne, Weird Al) featuring the 2M2LN house band and cool guests like Chelsea Wolfe, Marissa Nadler, Dave Hill and more. Here's one, though, that the 2M2LN house band -- which includes Mutoid Man's Stephen Brodsky, Shearwater/Loma's Emily Lee and host Gwarsenio Hall -- shot at Vitus back in January. It features "the other two members of Baroness who haven't been on our show" (Nick Jost and Sebastian Thomson), plus Sarabeth Linden of TOWER, to cover Boston's "Foreplay / Long Time."

"If you're wondering why we're dressed as Tame Impala going to a baby shower, it's because we're going to take you on a trip back to the Swingin' '70s...'cept for Captain Mullet over here (pointing to Nick), he always looks like that," says Gwarsenio in the intro, "today we're covering the best song by a band that rocks so hard they named a city after them." Watch that below.

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