Two Minutes to Late Night, the heavy metal talk show that tapes at Brooklyn metal club Saint Vitus, recently did a self-isolation session where the show's hosts and a bunch of cool metal musicians (including Stephen Brodsky and Ben Koller of 2M2LN house band Mutoid Man) did a heavy metal cover of Weird Al's Devo parody "Dare To Be Stupid" (we included the video in our list of 5 great metal concert streams you can watch right now). Today, they uploaded a full-set video of Mutoid Man playing a full set at Saint Vitus back when live concerts still happened (on December 1, 2018, to be exact), with special guest appearances from 2M2LN host Gwarsenio Hall and heavy metal drag busker Mrs. Smith.

Stephen Brodsky says, "With so many shows/tours/events cancelled or postponed worldwide, l think of all the people who’ve shown up to experience my music, and what a gift it is. This crucial component is heavily compromised for many at the moment. In the meantime, let’s continue entertaining each other at a distance - it’s the right thing to do, even if it feels strange. Be well, stay safe, keep in touch with your loved ones." Amen to that, and this pro-shot video is killer, so watch below:

Speaking of Saint Vitus and things to watch while quarantined, tonight (3/31) the venue's daily livestream interview series will have Power Trip frontman Riley Gale at 8 PM ET. Maybe they'll talk about Trapt.

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