Turnstile were just in NYC for two killer shows and a Fallon appearance, and Nardwuar also just released his new interview with the band. Nardwuar is always known for giving gifts to his guests, but Turnstile also brought Nardwuar a gift, and it was... the same gift he brought them! It was a picture of the time Turnstile and Nardwuar met at SXSW 2016, and at the end of the interview, frontman Brendan Yates said, "My biggest question is how you found it, because I don't think it's anywhere. That was on my old phone, I had to go on my old computer to find it." They of course talked about so many stories from the band's early days and the members' childhoods, including the time Turnstile played Brooklyn's House of Vans in 2014 with Gorilla Biscuits, and then Nardwuar gifted them with a Gorilla Biscuits action figure and asked about Walter Schreifels' influence on their band. They also talked about go-go music, Napster, and much more, and Nardwuar also brought an Agnostic Front action figure for Take Offense's Greg Cerwonka, who's currently filling in on guitar for Brady Ebert on Turnstile's tour. Watch below and check out our coverage of the NYC show here.

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