"We're just giving you some music here, to keep rolling down the road," Neil Young says in his third "Fireside Sessions" video, "Till we hit the exit ramp on this thing." As before, Neil moves from outside at sunset at his and Daryl Hannah's Colorado cabin, to indoors, switching between guitar and piano, this time his selections included “New Mama” and “World on a String” (both from Tonight’s The Night), “See the Sky About To Rain” (from On the Beach), Buffalo Springfield’s “I Am A Child,” CSNY’s “Helpless,” and Mirror Ball's “Throw Your Hatred Down.” He wraps up this one with a rare performance of “Already One” (from Comes a Time). There's also a word from this week's sponsor, Water ("Earth's Finest Product"). You can watch that over at the Neil Young Archives.

Meanwwhile, Neil just released a new version of "Shut it Down" with a COVID-19 inspired video.

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