We recently posted never-before-seen live videos of The Blood Brothers at The Locust House's last-ever show, Some Girls from the 2002 tour where The Blood Brothers’ Cody Votolato filled in with the band, Some Girls in 2006, and The Locust in 2005, and now here's never-before-seen footage of the first-ever show played by Head Wound City, aka Cody Votolato (Blood Brothers), Jordan Blilie (Blood Brothers), Gabe Serbian (The Locust), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Some Girls), and Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

It was shot by The Pizza Series' Matt Driscoll (who also shot those Blood Brothers and '02 Some Girls videos, and was behind the Three One G DVD This Is Circumstantial Evidence and the Holy Molar DVD) at San Diego's Epicenter in 2005, and it went down about a month before the band released their first EP. (Due to their very small discography of very short songs, the set clocks in at under 15 minutes.) It's pretty awesome to see, and even in this very early stage, HWC had tons of chemistry on stage and were on fire the whole time.

Matt Driscoll says:

I remember being extremely excited when I first heard word of HWC coming to formation as a band. All the members of bands that always kicked my ass with raw and passionate greatness! I've always been a huge fan of thrash and melodic hardcore and HWC was all I hoped for and more. Though, I don't recall much of the events that happened the night of this show, the one thing I do remember greatly, is HWC performance. Also, I couldn't tell you just one element that made this performance so memorable, as the whole performance was a blistering mind fuck that happened as quick as it started. Certainly a performance that left me crying for more. Fortunately, I was able to document this first show of HWC and I'm forever grateful to be able to keep reliving this moment and share the footage with everyone. If you're kicking yourself for missing this band live, I hope this video helps you with a bit of closure.

Cody Votolato adds;

Something I really love about HWC is that it feels to have no expiration date. Our approach to the band has been the same since we made the first EP. Someone has an idea, we talk it over and figure out how to make it happen when it can. If not, then we table it until a better time. It makes for a bit of a slower accumulative process, but always feels rewarding each time we put something together. In this case it was our first show. We had never really intended to play any shows when wrote the first batch of songs. The show came up as an idea down the road and we sorted it out. One of my favorite things about this show is that we needed to extend our 7 minutes of music into something that would be worth people coming to see. Looks like we made it just shy of 15 minutes. The best. Hopefully it was worth it...

And Jordan Blilie adds:

We’d all been friends for years, playing shows and touring together. We wanted to do kind of a thrash/grind project, really loose and off the cuff. So we got together for a week in San Diego and just went with the first ideas that came to mind. This show was either at the end of that week or when the 10” came out on Three One G. Watching it brings back a ton of memories. I just wish I wasn’t wearing low-rise bootcut jeans. Yikes.



Check out some more recent photos of Head Wound City at FYF 2016:

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