Watch new (or newish) videos by (or featuring) The Foundry Field Recordings, Tow Waits, Sufjan Stevens, Micah P. Hinson, CSS, Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Death Vessel, Stuart Staples, Mew, and The Decemberists.


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The Foundry Field Recordings - "Holding the Pilots/Holding the Facts"

Tom Waits - "Lie to Me"

"Music Video for Sufjan Stevens' "Put The Lights On The Tree," animated by Tom Eaton. Starring the Michigan Militia, the Swans, the Illinoisemakers, Sufjan Stevens, and Grandma."

Tom Eaton

"There are 36 cameos throughout the black & white video, including Iggy Pop, Bono, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, Dixie Chicks, Terrence Howard, Patti Smith, Dennis Hopper and Chris Rock. Each artist is dressed in black to honor Cash."

Kanye West, Chris Martin, Flea, Kate Moss, Woody Harrelson, Lisa Marie Presley, Kid Rock, and ZZ Top are also in there. And oddly so is Corinne Bailey Rae. (I mean the record label probably got her in there so its not that odd from that point of view).

Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS) - "Alala (live @ BrooklynVegan day show)"

Cat Power - "Lived In Bars"

Mew - "Special"

Stuart Staples - "That Leaving Feeling"

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