Last night (5/19) was the season finale of Saturday Night Live which featured musical guest Nicki Minaj who performed single "Chun Li" and "Poke it Out" which featured Playboi Carti -- both from her new album, Queen. She also appeared in a filmed segment called "Friendship Song" that was cut for time that featured a Haim-esque song, at least till Nicki shows up. Watch all those below.

Tina Fey was the host and there was an overabundance of celebrity guest cameos, including Donald Glover (who hosted just a couple weeks ago), Robert De Niro, Ben Stiller, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Benedict Cumberbatch, Anne Hathaway, Tracy Morgan, Fred Armisen and Alec Baldwin. The cold open put Trump and his advisors into the Sopranos finale, there were a couple sketches about the Royal Wedding, and Tina Fey reprised her Sarah Palin impression. You can watch sketches below.

Meanwhile, Nicki did indeed show up to her own SNL afterparty at Highline Ballroom, where she talked to the crowd, and danced a little. From videos on instagram it looked like a total madhouse. Did you go? Watch video of her talking to the crowd below.


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