"Neo-romantic" composer Nico Cartosio and filmmaker Lado Kvataniya have teamed up for a new short film / music video, "Christmas on the Moon." Despite the title, this seven-minute film -- which is nearing 1 million views on YouTube -- is not all that Christmas-y, and is pretty dark at times. The story: a young girl is used by a violent gang to deliver a whole bunch of drugs hidden inside a giant stuffed bear who she imagines is alive. When plans go south and very violent, things take a surreal twist. Cartosio's music, featuring violinist John Mills (English Chamber Orchestra, Tippett Quartet) and orchestra conductor Gavin Greenaway (Inception, Star Wars, Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, Pearl Harbour), suits the melancholy story. Set in an unnamed old European city (which gives this very well-shot short a lot of production value), "Christmas on the Moon" plays like a kinetic Luc Besson film (Leon: The Professional, etc), or one of the John Wick films, albeit with a warm heart. One BV staffer also summed it up as, "Scarface meets Ted." Watch:

"Christmas is such a joyous time. But haven’t you ever happened to feel unbearingly sad on this night," Nico says. "I believe those who are alone this Christmas would understand me. The story of "Christmas On The Moon"’s music video takes place on the streets of my favourite city where occasional shootings happened when I was in my teens. The plot is based on a real story from my childhood, some fiction, and on some magic as well - it's impossible to separate these things on a Christmas night. Sometimes your only protector from a bullet is a teddy bear…"

‘Christmas On The Moon' will appear on Nico's upcoming album, "expected for 2019 [and] being recorded at the famed Abbey Road studios in London." Here's more about Nico:

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