Back in 2017, Nine Inch Nails played a surprise show at NYC's Webster Hall the day after their headlining set at Panorama Festival. The show featured the debut and only performance of "She's Gone Away" as well as classics like "Closer," "Head Like a Hole," "Wish" and more.

NIN fan NineInchRuiner has put together a multi-cam video of the whole Webster Hall show, using audio from "Rob C, taken from NIN Live archive" and an array of video posted on YouTube (including BV contributor Fred Pessaro). "Thanks to everyone who sent me raw footage or shared some on various platforms," writes NineInchRuiner in the description. "Some footage was still missing so it had to be replaced with with something. In some places it was very obvious (Survivalism, Burning Bright), in some other places less so. Hopefully not too distracting to watch! The lights in the venue actually went out twice (during 1,000,000 and Burn) so these blackouts in the footage are authentic."

You can watch the Webster Hall video, and check out a gallery of pics, below.

Read our review of the show here, and order Pretty Hate Machine and Broken on vinyl in our store.

00:00:00 Somewhat Damaged
00:03:42 1,000,000
00:07:45 March of the Pigs
00:12:03 Piggy
00:16:52 The Frail
00:18:47 The Wretched
00:24:37 Sanctified
00:29:50 Closer
00:34:24 Less Than
00:38:00 Survivalism
00:42:45 Burn
00:47:35 Gave Up
00:52:15 She's Gone Away
00:57:09 The Lovers
01:01:17 Reptile
01:07:59 The Loop Closes
01:09:51 The Great Destroyer
01:12:45 Burning Bright (Field on Fire)
01:19:32 Wish
01:23:10 Head Like a Hole