As mentioned, NJ mathy post-hardcore band In Angles are releasing their new album Cardinal on February 22 via Choke Artist/Cloud Eater. They recently put out lead single "Single Thread," and we're now premiering the Kris Khunachak-directed video for second single "Dead Era." With tech-y leads, soaring hooks, and bludgeoning chugs, the new song hearkens back to stuff like The Fall of Troy and Protest The Hero, and In Angles make it sound entirely fresh.

"'Dead Era' summarizes everything that the band made with the new album Cardinal," the band tells us. "Every attitude, feeling, shade of the band and the album is noticeable in the track. It encapsulates the creeping darkness and looming feeling of potentially not living up to expectations." Check out the new video and the previous single below.

In Angles


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