The Third Kind is the NYC crossover thrash band of guitarists Taras Apuzzo (All Out War, Bastard Clan) and Mike Gordon (Big Gunz, Shiro And The Raw Dogs), drummer Brian Shonen (Bastard Clan, ex-Awkward Thought, Run Like Hell), and bassist/vocalist Rich Muller (Vise Massacre, ex-The Last Crime), and they've now vot a new video for "Ill Mechanism" off their 2020 sophomore release Man vs Earth.

"'Ill Mechanism (Lord Of The Phantom Sea)' is written in very simple words other than its title. It’s based on a scientist/machinist in isolation; how one may have got there and how the mind can be consumed with the past, reality, and the unknown," Rich Muller says. "This retro psychedelic depiction is complimentary."

Check it out and stream Man vs Earth below. Pick up a vinyl copy at Bandcamp.

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