NYC chaotic mathcore/deathgrind band Thin (ex-Mary Todd) released their very good debut LP Dawn on Twelve Gauge Records last year, and now they're gearing up for a transatlantic four-way split with fellow NYC band Vixen Maw and UK bands Wallowing and Slabdragger. It comes out on vinyl and cassette on September 30 via Black Voodoo Records (US) and Sludgelord Records (UK). Pre-orders launch Thursday (8/26).

Thin's contributions were tracked, mixed and mastered by Scot Moriarty (who also mastered the other three bands' contributions), and we're premiering one of them, "I Don't Know Where I Am. I Don't Know Where I'm Going." As is often the case for extremely chaotic songs like one, it's under a minute long, but it gets a lot done in that timespan. It's a sensory-overload rager, and it comes with a well-matched video directed, shot, and edited by Robbie Smith of Heavy Heavy Low Low and Bone Cutter, who recently called Thin one of his favorite newer bands. Check it out below.

Speaking of Bone Cutter, we've got an oxblood and black swirl vinyl variant of their debut EP available now in our store, limited to 100.


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