Oasis documentary/concert film Knebworth 96 will be out in theaters later this month. It chronicles the Britpop stars' two-night stay at Knebworth Park in August of 1996, where they performed to 280,000 fans in total. The trailer was released a few weeks back and now they've released the full performance of "Live Forever," the song that broke the band worldwide, from the film.

Making it perhaps a little more interesting and definitely more profane is the clip's running commentary from songwriter/guitarist Noel Gallagher. “We were a pretty decent band the night before I wrote ‘Live Forever’ but it was indie music," says Noel, humbly. "The day after I wrote ’Live Forever,’ we were gonna be the biggest band in the world. I knew it. I knew enough about melody and enough about songs to know that that wasn't indie music, it was a fucking great song.”

Watch that clip below. Oasis Knebworth 1996 will be in cinemas worldwide on September 23 (including many NYC theaters) and tickets are on sale now.


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