Columbus, Ohio hardcore band En Love followed up their 2018 demo with the Love Will Drown The Nest EP this past fall on Delayed Gratification Records (mixed and mastered by Owen Traynor of Hazing Over), and though they obviously haven't been able to play shows since its release, they did just do a live session for hate5six this past weekend. En Love make dark, heavy hardcore with a slight powerviolence twist -- think somewhere between American Nightmare and early Ceremony -- and their songs are crisp and accessible without ever being overly polished. Judging by the new live session, they also rip live. The set was super tight and really captured the energy of a great hardcore show, even without a crowd present. Like the EP, it's short and sweet and leaves you wanting more. Watch the set and stream the EP below.

Also, En Love-related band Rejoice just dropped their killer Damnation No Longer Hurts EP on Delayed Gratification this past Friday.

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