Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds has made a new striking video for "Zero," off last year's some kind of peace. Released in conjunction with Piano Day (it's the 88th day of the year), the video was directed by Joshua Stocker, using two dancers shot in the forest around Surrey, England. "Zero represents the lowest point of the album journey, but it’s also the moment when everything starts to turn around," says Ólafur. "I feel like Joshua’s video shows that beautifully, exploring the boundaries between two people as they search for a common ground - the contrasting struggle and hope we all find within ourselves and our relationships."

Adds director Stocker, "This was a wholly experimental piece for all involved with no foresight available for how the forest would appear once the drone light went up, and only 3 hours to capture everything we needed for the video once we started filming. As the light flew over the forest canopy we were greeted with a woodland transformed into a theatrical stage. The movements of our two dancers became grander and more accentuated under the ever changing light and shadow, forming a prism through which we could explore the emotions of falling in love and the weight it carries with it."

"Zero" truly is a gorgeous video and it premieres in this post. Watch, and listen to some kind of peace, below.