OSEES are usually on the road more than they're not, and after a year and change with no live music -- during which time the band released three great albums -- there was surely a lot of pent up energy. They picked a pretty special place for their first show back, playing Colorado's Red Rocks Amphitheatre on May 15. "We're OSEES from Los Angeles and we missed you guys a fuckin' bunch," frontman John Dwyer told the Red Rocks crowd at the start of the show. "Dig in and welcome back."

There was a lot to dig. OSEES played a two-hour set that featured the live debut of a few songs, including Face Stabber's "Fortress" and Mutilator Defeated at Last's "Holy Smoke" and "Palace Doctor" and single "Fortress," plus other selections from all over their vast discography. While it wasn't like a typical OSEES show, with a frenzied pit (this was an o-seated show, and socially distanced), the band still sounded great.

OSEES have shared full pro-shot, multi-cam video of the whole Red Rocks show and you can watch that, and check out the setlist, below.

The band will be on tour this fall, including two NYC shows at Brooklyn's Warsaw on September 24 & 25 (tickets).

Some people may have gotten vaccinated while at the show, as Red Rocks has started giving COVID vaccines at concerts.

The Static God
Tidal Wave
Scutum & Scorpius (Live Debut)
Fortress (Live Debut)
Nite Expo
The Fizz
The Dream
Fu Xi
Holy Smoke (Live Debut)
Sticky Hulks
Corrupted Coffin
Enemy Destruct
Palace Doctor (Live Debut)
Rogue Planet
Dreary Nonsense
Terminal Jape
Animated Violence
Toe Cutter / Thumb Buster
I Come From the Mountain
Encrypted Bounce


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