OSEES have shared "Stinking Cloud" from their upcoming Levitation Sessions II streaming show and live album. It's a deep cut from 2011's '60s-psych-pop influenced Castlemania and not the typical ripper you associate with the band but it sounds pretty great. It's so deep that it's the first time it's ever been played in a live band setting. Watch the video below.

'Levitation Sessions II', which was shot in "a cavernous Los Angeles factory," promises more where "Stinking Cloud" came from with a "handful of never-before-played-live tunes & some new surprises,." You can watch the streaming show on Saturday, April 10 at 8 PM Eastern/Pacific (7 PM Central). Tickets are on sale.

It will also be available as a live double album, with a few different variants and merch packages available, including a signed poster which was designed and illustrated by John Dwyer. Proceeds from that are being donated to Elizabeth HouseEast LA Women’s CenterSt Francis CenterDowntown Women’s Center and the Hollywood Food Coalition. OSEES are donating their proceeds from the show to the same charities.

Meanwhile John Dwyer is dipping a toe into the world of NFTs -- and no, it doesn't seem to be an April Fools joke. He has put two NFTs up for auction that are related to the Levitation Sessions II streaming show and album. The 24 hour auctions start Saturday, April 3 at 4 PM Eastern via LEVITATION's Foundation page. Here's a description of both NFT artworks:

This piece uses a lenticular process to bring John Dwyer’s original mixed media painting to life. Soundtracked by a radioactive live version of “Opposition”. The tendrils of flowers and foliage grow and wilt while we gaze at our screens through empty eye sockets, taking in the vast glory of the information superhighway.

John Dwyer’s painting comes to life in a hypnotic infinite zoom loop. Soundtracked by a live cut of "Stinking Cloud", taken from the band’s upcoming Levitation Sessions II live album. A great reminder to us all to sit back, watch the flowers grow, and enjoy some choice tunes. It ain't all doom and gloom, even when you're a skeleton in a space suit.

"Vol 4" is being released an 1/1 NFT, while "THE TEXT" is in an edition of 13. Both NFTs also come with a stream ticket, signed screen print and the 2xLP shipped worldwide. Lean more here.


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