Minneapolis alt-rapper and Doomtree founder P.O.S released a new single this week called "sleepdrone/superposition," which is first single since his kidney transplant and an honest, personal song discussing the process. It nears nine minutes and it's loaded with impressive guests, including Lizzo, Astronautalis, Allan Kingdom, P.O.S' son Hard_r, and most excitingly, Bikini Kill/Le Tigre/The Julie Ruin's Kathleen Hanna. Here's what P.O.S says about the track:

It’s about all that I was just talking about, being black, beefs, loves, hurts, victories, pride and the future.

The guest rap verses are a dream sequence.

The choir is my mind opening.

I sang the chorus melody to myself for a week. Then I sang it to Eric Mayson and he put the words in the chorus. I rewrote the first 8 bars to fit it.

I made the beat at one of my oldest friend Grant’s house on a mountain in Southern California using a synthesizer called a Sleepdrone5.

Ryan wrangled Allan.

Beak wrangled me.

[My manager] Mary wrangled Kathleen Hanna after Mandy suggested it. I thought that could never happen! She read the lyrics before saying yes and told me she felt inspired. There’s another 30 minutes of her I couldn’t find a place for! She sings all the backup vocals that are not the hook.

I wrangled everyone else.

Joe wrangled the thing until it sounded right.

People who’s amazing verses didn’t end up on the song are Mike Eagle, Serengeti, Sophia Eris and Monty Boston. All of those people killed it, but getting this song to flow right was key. I expect to work with all of those people again. I also asked Aesop Rock for a verse but he was working on his outstanding new record y’all are about to get. He gets better every album IMvhO. One day that will happen too.

There's also a lyric annotation on Genius, verified by P.O.S.

We're premiering the video for the song, which was directed by P.O.S himself and James Gundersen. Daniel Hoffstrom, and Daniel Garritsen shot it. It's got dimly lit black and white clips of P.O.S rapping, and eventually turns into a blurry, colorful dreamlike sequence. Check it out below.

P.O.S also says he's planning a new album, which will be the followup to 2012's We Don't Even Live Here.


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