Paramore's Hayley Williams has been doing a lot of cool quarantine covers over the past few months, and today she released one of Bjork's classic "Unison" from 2001's Vespertine. The song is already pretty stripped-down for Bjork's standards, but Hayley does an even more bare-bones rendition of it with just her voice and acoustic guitar, and it sounds great.

"Someone asked me to do a Bjork song a while back," she wrote. "I’d actually hoped to cover a different song of hers live this year but I guess that will have to wait until some other time... anyway, this one has to be in my top 5 - 'Unison.' Apologies for the crudely casual rendition. Gnite!" Check it out below. Hayley previously included three other Bjork songs on her playlist of influences for her recently released debut solo album Petals For Armor.

Meanwhile, Hayley recently rescheduled her tour for 2021, and this week reports surfaced that fans had been receiving emails from promoters saying the tour was cancelled altogether. Hayley wrote, "Hey friends, I know a lot of you are getting word from promoters that the Petals For Armor dates are cancelled. I don't fully have my shit together to be able to speak to it at the moment but I wont leave ya hanging. What a year huh?" Stay tuned for more updates.


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