The Lower East Side of Manhattan during the late 1980's was a crazy, twisted island of misfit toys. All the kids who who were too ugly, too smart, too psychotic, or simply too weird to fit in a world dominated by preppies and guidos found themselves part of the hardcore scene, with CBGB at it's epicenter. Astoria's Outburst was one of several dozen "second wave" bands who grew up on originators Agnostic Front, Kraut, Murphy's Law and others. Like their friends in Leeway, Gorilla Biscuits, and Raw Deal- they took elements of crossover metal and fused it with punk rock to create a signature sound.

During their short life, Outburst recorded a demo, appeared on two legendary NYHC compilations, and one EP. Nobody in the band thought their music would have any impact beyond what they were living at the time.

The crazy shit is, 30 years later- Outburst still matters to a new crop of kids, from all around the world. To celebrate that 30 years, Blackout! Records is re-releasing an ultra-limited, expanded LP edition of their Miles To Go EP, as well as a limited LP compilation of the best new punk and hardore bands covering their songs, entitled "Hot Sh!t Attidude".

As mentioned, there's a tribute album to NYHC legends Outburst on the way, featuring covers by Power Trip, Higher Power, Fury, Wild Side, Krimewatch, Initiate, Mizery, and more, and it'll be accompanied by a 30th anniversary reissue of Outburst's 1989 7" Miles To Go and a new documentary called Outburst Miles To Go 30 Years Later. (The quote above is from the Indiegogo campaign for the tribute LP and reissue.) The documentary is getting released in three parts, and we're premiering the first part of the doc today.

Chapter one features members of the band telling stories about the pre-Outburst days growing up in Queens, how they got into punk and hardcore, how they eventually formed a band, and how forming that band led to making the classic Miles To Go demo. Watch right here:

Stay tuned for parts two and three. The covers LP and reissue come out January 31 via Blackout Records, and you can help the fund project at Indiegogo in exchange for various pre-order options. You can also hear Power Trip's cover and watch an infomercial for the covers LP here:

Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record Track List:
When Things Go Wrong - Power Trip
Misunderstood- Higher Power
SGI /Mission Impossible - Wild Side
Miles to Go -Initiate
No Choice- Fury
Think for Yourself- Krimewatch
Outburst (Intro) - Wild Side
Thin Ice- Search
The Hard Way- Mizery
Learn to Care- Stand Off
Controlled - Big Boss
True- Outskirts

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