Today (11/3) is Election Day, and if you haven't voted already, remember to go VOTE (for Biden/Harris). Meanwhile, video has surfaced of NYC punk legend Patti Smith and her longtime bandmate Lenny Kaye performing Patti's iconic protest song "People Have The Power" for early voters lined up on the streets of NYC. "Don't forget it! Use your voice! Vote!", Patti said at the end. The video was shot by Zoe Leonard and reposted by the Joy to the Polls campaign, which also commissioned tons of musicians to make playlists to listen to while you wait on line to vote. Joy to the Polls wrote:

Singing to voters in the streets is so punk! We love @thisispattismith bringing people power to the polls with this impromptu performance in NYC earlier this week.

You don’t have to be the Godmother of Punk to surprise and delight voters in long voting lines! How are you bringing #JoyToThePolls on Tuesday? Check out the link in our bio for a toolkit for artists and performers.

Watch below, and go vote!

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