Brooklyn art pop combo Pavo Pavo were regular performers at Greenpoint bar and venue The Manhattan Inn, which closed, sadly, back in November. As a farewell, they band recruited included Sam Kogon, Sean Bones, members of Lucius, Antibalas, San Fermin, Eleanor Friedberger and Sharon Van Etten's bands and other musicians who hung out there to work up a cover of George Harrison's "Wah Wah." The 17 musicians took over nearly every inch of Manhattan Inn's very intimate performance space, and filmed the whole thing. The band told us about their connection with the space, and how this project came about it:

Manhattan Inn was a rare place, a place where bands felt free to step out of their routine of Playing-The-Set-In-Rock-Clubs. I sat on the ground one summer and listened to friends cover "Histoire de Melody Nelson" in its entirety, I sat in the same spot the next winter and watched a new band fronted by Kimbra improvise for an hour. It's where we played our first show - it's where we met our manager & spirit guide Joe van Moyland - it's where we convened and played Bowie covers the night he died - not to mention a blur of shows with the usual suspects, slicing a little community out of this giant borough. When the news arrived that it would be closing, my bandmate Pete, who runs a brilliant film production company called SWIMMERS, suggested we memorialize the vibe of the space with a last-minute video project. We did a little thinking and settled on a cover of George Harrison's wall-of-sound classic "Wah-Wah," with all our friends who were in town on a day's notice - horns, strings, multiple drummers, loads of guitars, the whole deal. That record is one of our all time favorites and really suited the collective, experimental, joyous atmosphere of the Inn.

The video of "Wah Wah" makes its premiere in this post and you can check it out, and the full list of bandmembers, below.

Meanwhile, Pavo Pavo will play Ridgewood's Trans-Pecos on Friay (2/10) with Operator Music Band, and Parrot Dream. Tickets are on sale now. If you haven't checked out Pavo Pavo's album, Young Narrator In The Breakers (which was released the week Manhattan Inn closed), you can stream that below.

The Wah Wah Band
Pavo Pavo, plus:
Jeremy Gustin (Delicate Steve, Albert Hammond Jr)
Miles Arntzen (Antibalas, Will Butler)
Andy Burri (Lucius)
Stephen Chen (San Fermin)
Gabriel Birnbaum (Sharon van Etten, Wilder Maker)
Cassandra Jenkins (Eleanor Friedberger)
Matt van Asselt (Real Life Buildings)
Jon Appel (Real Life Buildings)
Sam Kogon
Maia Friedman (Uni Ika Ai)
Ron Shalom
Sean Sullivan (Sean Bones)
Domenica Fossati (Underground System)
Elise Frawley
Alexandra Jones
Elena Moon Park
Robby Bowen