Phoebe Bridgers and Paramore's Hayley Williams have been linked together a couple of times recently: Phoebe appears (along with her boygenius bandmates) on "Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris," from Hayley's debut solo album Petals for Armor, and Hayley covered Phoebe's song "Smoke Signals" from quarantine. We'd love to hear more musical collaborations between the two of them, or to hear Phoebe's take on one of Hayley's songs, but this is, perhaps, the next best thing. Phoebe and Hayley had a conversation from their respective states of isolation, which you can watch via Crack Magazine's Instagram, below. It's a fun (and relatable) listen, as they discuss our strange current reality amid the pandemic ("it's going to define our generation," Phoebe says), Phoebe's "auto-tuned just figuring out pro-tools" demos, her introduction to Paramore, which involved ghosting her "screamo boyfriend" at Bumbershoot, quarantine cooking (Hayley makes great vegan brown butter banana bread cookies, while Phoebe says she "fucked up a banana bread" but had better luck with "vegan mac and cheese in the oven"), and more. Watch it below.

Hayley has been releasing her new album in a series of EPs; stream the second below. Phoebe has a new album, Punisher, coming out in June, and you can listen to recent single "Kyoto" below.

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