Phoebe Bridgers made her Saturday Night Live debut tonight, playing "Kyoto" and "I Know The End" off her great 2020 album Punisher. The latter started off gentle and pretty and ended with her letting loose a primal scream and smashing her guitar on the monitor.

Update: Phoebe has commented on the guitar smash after it became the topic of the day on Music Twitter.

Dan Levy of Schitt's Creek hosted and his dad, Eugene Levy, was on hand, watching from a hermetically sealed plexiglass box -- you know, for safety. On "Weekend Update," Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd came on popular YouTubers TwinsthenewTrend to get their reactions to songs they had never heard, including the Friends theme, "Baby Shark," the Meow Mix jingle, and the "Now I know my ABCs" song.

Watch below.

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