Orange County emo/melodic post-hardcore band Movements followed their 2017 debut album Feel Something with their sophomore LP No Good Left To Give in September on Fearless Records. It's a clear progression from Feel Something, and if you'd like to know more about it, the band has a new 10-minute mini documentary that we're premiering in this post. It features studio footage and interviews with all five band members and producer Will Yip, and it does a great job of portraying what made this album such a step forward for the band.

"This short documentary, filmed and edited by our touring photographer Litty, dives into the writing and recording process behind No Good Left to Give," vocalist Patrick Miranda tells us. "We each sat down separately and talked about our vision, goals, inspiration, ideas, challenges, and overall experience with this record. There’s also a bunch of behind-the-scenes footage of us recording and working with producer Will Yip... putting fans inside the process."

"We always loved the idea of a documentary-style video that followed the process of recording an album," Patrick continues, "and although this isn’t a full length documentary, we felt it was the perfect look into what it was like for us in the studio."

Watch the full doc, stream the new album, and watch two music videos from it, below.


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